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  • Link to the approved model NH Student Data Privacy Agreement for use of ChessKid:
    • To be protected by this DPA and to comply with New Hampshire law, each school district that wishes to use Chesskid needs to subscribe to this DPA by executing Exhibit E. Contact your district Technology Director; he/she should be familiar with this process. [Source: Ramah Hawley from The Education Cooperative]
  • ChessKid Gold licenses provided for free by the Granite Gambit program expire on October 28, 2023, at which time the will revert to Basic memberships. NH Schools,chess coaches, or parents may purchase renewals (or new memberships) at a 30% discount off list price here using promotion code CIEU.
  • As an alternative to ChessKid Gold licenses, we have a limited number of free Think Like a King licenses available. These are being offered on a trial basis  to NH teachers. Contact Paul Roberts for details. [A link to the NH Student Data Privacy Agreement for Think Like a King will be available on this page shortly.]

CIE Resource Library

The Chess in Education (CIE) Resource Library is a compilation of documents intended for CIE Instructors. Contents come from a variety of sources including teachers, chess instructors, and members of the CIE Coalition – a group of organizations aligned in promoting chess as an educational tool.

Contents of the CIE Resource Library (Release 1.0) include:

Introduction to the CIE Resource Library

  1. Training Documents from the CIE Instructor Level 1
  2. Chess Learning Centers
  3. Lesson Plans
  4. Toolbox
  5. Other Curricula
  6. Research

Items 1-6 in the Library are only available to teachers who have earned CIE Instructor Level 1 certification offered by the Granite Gambit program.

Certified instructors may print or display library materials for training purposes and share or copy material for use within the schools where they teach. All rights to CIE Resource Library material reside with Chess in Education – US LLC. Authorized users of the CIE Library may copy material for their own personal use. Any other copying, distribution, or sale of CIE Resource Library material is prohibited.


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