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Training & Certification

Jerry Nash serves as a National Chess in Education Consultant. A former classroom teacher at both the high school and university levels, Nash understands the challenges of the classroom and offers a fun and engaging path for educators to learn the game of chess and link it to academic and life skills. He consults nationally and internationally and leads teacher training events across the nation. Nash is a frequent presenter at education conferences where he links chess skills to education standards. He was recognized by the University of Texas at Dallas as its 2015 Chess Educator of the Year. He is Chairman of the Chess in Education Commission of FIDE, the International Chess Federation.

Nash holds a Bachelor of Arts in English and French from The University of Tennessee at Martin. He holds a Master of Divinity degree from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and a Master of Arts in English from Tennessee Technological University.

Quotes – Our training is well-received by educators

“Attending the [Chess in Education – US] training has given me a whole new outlook on playing the game of chess and how I will teach it to my students. I look forward to focusing less on chess as a game but enhancing specific thinking skills of applying, analyzing, evaluating and creating through the game of chess.”
Jennifer – Teacher

“I did not know exactly what to expect coming into this workshop, but I was pleasantly surprised at the wealth of information I gained over the week about the game of chess and how it can be incorporated into the classroom.”
Rae – Teacher

“The summer training has helped me understand the game of chess and gain a better insight into the critical thinking skills gained from playing chess.”
Ellen – Teacher

“As a Chess novice entering this training, I was very intimidated before training. But the material was presented in a very informative non-threatening way.”
David – Teacher

“I have to say that you did a fabulous job teaching us this week! I really feel that what I learned from you is beneficial and things that I will definitely implement in the way I introduce this to even my first graders. I wish you could come and teach our students. You did a great job!”
Caitlin – Teacher

“There is more to the game of chess than I ever imagined. Chess is not just a game! Chess is a wonderful teaching tool for academics and life skills. Learning more about chess this week has trained me to look ahead more than just the next move.”
Dena – Teacher

“I can personally and professionally attest to the credibility of the program.”

Andy Meadows
Education Specialist with state oversight responsibility for the Alabama Chess in School (ACIS) program
Alabama State Dept. of Education


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Jerry Nash